Big Three

October 27, 2010

Tonight is the start of the NBA season and what could be bigger than “The Big Three.” Perennial all world athletes LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have joined forces in Miami for what some are saying will be the best team in NBA history.  I was commissioned to shoot the 3 athletes down in Miami and while its always challenging to shoot high profile celebrities I have shot all of these guys several times before. As a result, I hope my “5 minutes” to shoot them will turn into at least a 6 or 7 minute event.  After a big hello from LeBron (who asked if I were following him from NBA city to city), I ultimately got about 6 minutes to achieve countless needs for my client.   Hours of prep work, a day of travel and a 6am call time for set up and it all came down to a shoot that lasted less than a quarter of an hour.  My team down in Miami did a great job and Im honored to say that I was asked to do the assignment. Too bad the team lost tonight…The Big Three


The Mall Wall

October 4, 2010

For any of you who know me, you know that I am a dog lover and supporter of non-profit animal organizations.  Several years ago, I got a call from the dedicated staff over at St Huberts Animal Shelter in Madison.  While I had never adopted any of my canines from their shelter, word had spread that I was a photographer who believed in the cause. It has now become an annual tradition to photograph the St Huberts campaign each fall.  The immediate focus of our shooting is a billboard size advertisement known as the “Mall Wall” which appears at the Short Hills Mall during the holiday season.  Last year was the first year I worked with the team at Mint and not only are they great animal wranglers, they put together a beautiful piece. Im looking forward to see what they create for 2010!

While we create beautiful portraits of animals who have been adopted and current shelter animals, one of my favorite shots this year was more documentary in nature.