Welcome to New York

February 25, 2011

Everyone knew it was coming – that Melo would be leaving Denver – but sometimes my job allows me access to more info than I anticipate.  Sunday night just before the All Star Game, I was given access to create portraits of the NBA All Stars.  Carmelo and Chris Paul were waiting patiently and wanted to get a shot together.  Chris wouldnt stop teasing Melo that this would be the last time he wore a West All Star Jersey.  Carmelo wouldnt say a word but just kept grinning.  Hopefully Chris will join him in New York after this season.

Last Time for the West


Los Fearless

February 23, 2011

Just back from Los Angeles where I worked with a great crew at the NBA All Star Game.  Will blog about that later – as there is lots to talk about – but just wanted to post this Nike ad that was released while I was out in LA. From a shoot with LeBron earlier in the season…

Los Fearless