All Star

July 13, 2011

I photographed Texas Rangers pitcher CJ Wilson a few weeks back but didnt know I would see him again last night. Despite the losing effort, it was great to see that CJ Wilson made the All Star Team.  He was one of the most involved subjects I ever photographed – perhaps because he owns his own photo studio or perhaps because his girlfriend is supermodel Dominique Piek. Either way loved photographing him and wish him all the best the rest of the season.Texas Rangers Pitcher


I was flattered last month when I found out from Photo District News that I would be highlighted in their “Learning from the Boss” feature.  I spoke about my assisting experience with world-renowned fashion photographer Bruce Weber.

While I will always treasure my time working with Bruce, the thing he taught me most was how important your team is on any shoot. Hopefully I have been able to bring his energy to my set!

“All of the while that [Bruce] was creating beautiful images, he made everyone—assistants, art directors, models and caterers—feel at ease and part of his crew.” After a week of shooting on location, Pottheiser recalls, “Bruce called his assistants in for a pow-wow. He compared what we were doing all over the country making pictures with being on tour in a band playing music. He reminded us that while he might be the lead singer of this great big rock-and-roll band, his music wouldn’t sound too good if the drummer, guitarist or the guy driving the truck with the sound equipment were not performing at his best. Even as a fifth assistant on that shoot, Bruce’s little chat really made me feel part of his team and his words stuck with me.”

Pottheiser, who opened her own business in 2002, says she learned from Weber’s example. “I always try to have my crew realize how important each of their roles is to the shoot that day. My assistants, producer, makeup artist, tech and every person on set help to make me look better. I try to make sure that they know how vital they are to the success of each and every one of our performances.”

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