Great Scott!

December 14, 2011

The Christmas Album

I couldnt resist the cheesy title but really – Great Scott! A few months back I met with the awesome team at Clear Channel and was optimistic that we might work together down the road.  I had the good fortune to do just that for the Scott Weiland performance. It was 30 minutes shooting feature portraits and then an hour shooting an intimate concert.  Yes – thats way oversimplified – didnt mention the 3 hours of prep, the hour delay and the lugging Jeyhoun and I did but really – a damn good day! All the girls at Clear Channel were super helpful and inspiring and creative and yes – they are all women. I probably was a Stone Temple Pilots fan back in the day but that was really insignificant.  Watching someone as talented Scott perform up close is always the highlight of my job.  Whether its watching LeBron dunk or Bobby Flay cook or Scott sing – to be around people who are that good at what they do is very inspiring.


The Christmas Album

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