North of the Border

February 2, 2012

For any of you who know me, you know I am likely to be cold in Miami in July. I am always acting like Im a 90 year old woman who has a fleece with them when they’re on a shoot in Phoenix. I can’t help it – I don’t know if I have warm blood, cold blood, no blood – Im just cold all of the time. So when I got the call to go to Ottawa, Ontario in January, I have to say all I could think about was how cold I was going to be. Even though they were having a “warm spell”, the city was pretty chilly but it was a beautiful city and honestly, I wish I had had more time great to spend exploring and going skating on the canal. The weekend was great though shooting with the NHL All Stars. I had one of my favorite assistants join me from Toronto, a great local assistant, a phenomenal stylist and a dream client who lets me shoot. And really, while it was cold, where else should you host a weekend of skating??

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