A new favorite Dierks

February 8, 2012

I thought I only had one favorite Dirk and that would have been Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavs. I have shot that Dirk probably 20 or 30 times for editorial and feature shoots and at the past few All Star games. He is truly a gentleman and I always love to work with him. Well, no disrespect to Mr. Nowitzki but he may have net his Dirk match! I had the good fortunate of working with Dierks Bentley this past week prior to his performance in New York. We had beers and shot at a great hole in the wall bar downtown, spent a few minutes outside taking some portraits and then I photographed him live. Like his German namesake, Dierks was easy to work with, totally laid back and a Southern charmer. He got great reviews from his NY shows and had a huge crowd at his Today Show performance. (I think New York is secretly filled with country music fans.) I dont know that I am buying cowboy boots or a ten gallon hat anytime soon but Dierks put on a phenomenal show and I might actually buy a song or two on itunes.

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