Take It Easy

June 15, 2012

Its been a music sort of month and I have been having a great time shooting with Shelby and Emily both of whom work their asses off. I was asked to shoot one of the all time greats in the music world and I was looking forward to the opportunity. I would be working with Joe Walsh of the Eagles on the eve of his new album release. We worked together to make some portraits and we had a great shoot. I couldn’t help but notice that he was wearing a MIchael Jordan Jumpman wristband. I assumed that he was a hardcore MJ fan or maybe a Bulls fan from way back but it was a strange accessory for his otherwise all black outfit. When I asked him about hit, he looked at it inquisitively and said, “MJ – no, Im not a fan. I just needed a wrist band and this one was on sale at the Nike store next to my hotel.” I loved it! From the portrait session, we went to the album launch and while I am not a Joe Walsh fan, I did know just about every song he performed. Some beautiful portraits and an outstanding concert – it’s easy to recognize greatness when you’re that close to it. 

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