Old School with Iman

October 5, 2012

Im a bit tardy in doing so but I would be amiss if I didnt give a shout-out to an awesome photography program down in Bethesda, Maryland at Walt Whitman High School. I was honored to speak to my nieces photo class and hear the amazing things being done by Mike Seymour who still runs a classic black and white photography program for high school kids. I was blown away by the work being done by both Mr. Seymour and his students and hoping that some of his kids will head north for college so that I can snag them up as interns. It was a truly inspiring afternoon to see the passion by both students and instructor – keep up the great work!

This past week was back home for a photo shoot with the New York Knicks at their practice facility up in Greenburgh, New York. Coming back after a few months away from hoops, the shoots that take place around training camp are sort of like the first day of school  – catching up with old friends and finding out about the summer. It was great to see J Kidd who I hadnt seen in ages and newly exhibited photographer Tyson Chandler was checking out my Nikons. I got this great shot with Iman Shumpert who was sporting the old school “do.” It really worked with the lighting scheme and his expression.