Ask and You Shall Receive

May 31, 2013

For some of us in the photo industry, we have seemingly seen it all. From that experience, we know how to behave in certain situations and we know what sounds about right. Which brings me to an assignment last week. I got a call to photograph with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and music legend John Fogerty. I was excited about the opportunity and I mapped out a plan for several portraits. I had a few hours the afternoon before and I was able to source some great textured pieces to include in the  images and the whole thing was really coming together. I arrived and setup and was admiring the dozens of different guitars that John had brought with him to play and I had planned on using in the photographs. My colleague at ClearChannel made the ask and requested that we use one of the guitars in our shoot – the response was an astounding no. A few years back, I would have been stunned and disappointed but gone on without the guitar in the shots.  But after countless shoots and dealing without hundreds of handlers, I knew this “no” was not a “no – you cant use a guitar in the photo.” Rather, it was a “no, I dont feel like going out of my way to get a guitar over to your photo shoot 50 feet away.” We made the ask several more times with several different people and we did so politely but firmly. There was pretty much no way that “Experienced Jen” was going to shoot John Fogerty without a guitar. And sure enough, with a bit of perseverance, we pulled it off and Im thrilled that we did. John was great and as much fun as it was to create portraits, it was just as much fun to photograph him performing.John Fogerty John Fogerty


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