Get Off the Couch

February 13, 2013

I had a great speaking engagement at B&H and I am thrilled to see that they have chosen to post it on their facebook page. If you werent able to attend, get a drink and some popcorn and you can catch it on youtube

One of the things I focused on during the presentation is that you cant accomplish what you want if you are at home on the couch. I read a great article in INC Magazine this month that drives home the same point. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, talks about creating your own luck and to do so, you need to meet as many people as you can and really get to know them. “Meet lots of different people without trying to extract value from them. You dont need to connect the dots right away. But if you think about each person as a new dot on your canvas, over time, you’ll see the full picture.” Thanks for the great words Tony. And I bet you werent meeting those people when you were at home on the couch!



B & H Here We Come

January 16, 2013

First post of 2013 and happy to announce that this Monday, January 21st at 1pm I will be speaking at the B&H Event Space in New York City. Yes its MLK Day and yes it’s Inauguration Day but that happens every year or every four years but me speaking at B&H – thats a first!!! Please join me as I will be speaking about  something near and dear to my heart –  Transitioning Your Personal Project into Commercial Work and Back. The lecture is inspired by my Olympic Moms project but in reality is truly one of things I can say has allowed me to be successful in my professional career. Hope I see you there!Olympic Moms

Black Mamba

December 13, 2012

I joined the Nike team out in Los Angeles last week for the launch of the Kobe 8 system. To represent the new shoe and Kobe’s speed, the space for the event had been designed with hundreds of paper airplanes suspended and each creation had the branding of the new Kobe sneaker. It was spectacular! It is always such an honor and pleasure to work with the people at Nike because they dont bother to do anything unless it is PERFECT. It makes me show up with my A+ Game and while I work my ass off, I know everyone else is right there with me – Kobe included.  Kobe was a pleasure to photograph as he always is even though he was a bit under the weather. He even made a point to stick around to look at the final shots with this one being one of his favorites from the day.kobe portrait


November 13, 2012

It has been a trying few weeks in the NY area with countless days without heat and internet and power and all the indulgences of modern day society. We were fortunate enough to not sustain any damage to our home but unfortunately not all fared as well. I was asked to photograph in Staten Island in one of the areas that was hardest hit by the storm. While I am not normally drawn to still life images, that is what I seemed to focus on amidst all of the chaos. There were hauntingly beautiful images of the pieces of lives that are forever changed. It was a truly humbling day.

Old School with Iman

October 5, 2012

Im a bit tardy in doing so but I would be amiss if I didnt give a shout-out to an awesome photography program down in Bethesda, Maryland at Walt Whitman High School. I was honored to speak to my nieces photo class and hear the amazing things being done by Mike Seymour who still runs a classic black and white photography program for high school kids. I was blown away by the work being done by both Mr. Seymour and his students and hoping that some of his kids will head north for college so that I can snag them up as interns. It was a truly inspiring afternoon to see the passion by both students and instructor – keep up the great work!

This past week was back home for a photo shoot with the New York Knicks at their practice facility up in Greenburgh, New York. Coming back after a few months away from hoops, the shoots that take place around training camp are sort of like the first day of school  – catching up with old friends and finding out about the summer. It was great to see J Kidd who I hadnt seen in ages and newly exhibited photographer Tyson Chandler was checking out my Nikons. I got this great shot with Iman Shumpert who was sporting the old school “do.” It really worked with the lighting scheme and his expression. 

Photo Show

September 5, 2012

Fall is officially upon us! School started this week, the stores all have Halloween candy for sale and there are countless emails and print pieces advertising the upcoming annual PDN Photo Plus Expo Photo Show at the Jacob Javits Center. I am thrilled and honored to be speaking this year at the photo show about my Olympic Moms project and the path of my career. You can catch up with me during the Nikon Meet and Greet on Wednesday, October 24th from 630-8pm. I look forward to seeing you there!

Olympic Moms

August 8, 2012

When you think of an Olympian, what comes to mind? Podiums, flags, cheering crowds and gold medals.

How about diapers and pacifiers and screaming babies?

Many athletes struggle with the demands of their sport; many women struggle to balance the demands of motherhood. To manage both seems a task beyond words but that is exactly what close to a dozen women have been doing this spring and summer to prepare for the Olympic Games in London. These are the Olympic Moms.

For the past four and a half years, I have been talking about a personal project documenting these Olympic Moms. For the past 3 months, I have working with an amazing team in Danielle Elliot and Kerry Caiafa and have been shooting the project. It was worth the wait!

From the first shoot in Colorado Springs, Colorado with Army Captain, Olympic pentathlon hopeful and new Mom, Mickey Kelly, it has truly been one of the most remarkable journeys of my professional career. I spent over 14 hours with Mickey and her family on our “day in the life” coverage of her quest to make it to London for the Olympic Games. 14 hours! I dont normally get 14 minutes for my shoots!

From Colorado, it was on to Pennsylvania to meet up with Laura Kraut and her 14 year old son Bobby at the Devon Horse Show. This Olympic Mom won gold in Beijing and was hoping to repeat the honors in London. Keli Smith Puzo, a US field hockey player, also competed in Beijing but since that time, she has had 2 kids.  We spent the day with her and her sons Xavi and Ian as Keli trained at the University of Maryland.

With three shoots under our belt, we head west to California for an Olympic Moms marathon; 5 moms in 6 days. First was a member of the Womens USA Basketball Team – Candace Parker and her little one Lailaa. We spent almost a full day with this dynamic duo and then met up with archer Khatuna Lorig and her son, junior archer Levan Onishvili. Keep an eye out for this mother, son team in Brazil in 2016; they are hoping to be the first parent child pair to compete together. Lashinda Demus was just off a plane when she met up with us. She then went the extra mile to do an interview at the track where she trains on what should have been an off day. Tayyiba Haneef-Park and Danielle Scott-Arruda welcomed us to a July 4th picnic where these Olympic Moms spent the afternoon with their little ones.

The hospitality and generosity of each of these Olympic Moms was truly astounding and it is something for which I am truly thankful.

We are pulling for you ladies – Bring home the Gold!