Its been a while since my last blog post but this past weekend was too good to leave unblogged… I have shot professional athletes from just about every sport but aside from an Eli Manning shoot last year and a few NY Giants along on my shoot with Bobby Flay, I have done almost nothing with guys from the NFL.  That all changed this weekend when I shot the best of the NFL’s rookies.  My crew busted their butts for four days in LA but it was a tremendous weekend.  I had a great team working with me and clients that gave me the ultimate in creative freedom – theres nothing better.  So… the rookie shot the rookies.  I had a few funny moments when I wasnt exactly sure what a “Free Safety” did or when one the guys asked me if I had a copy of “Football for Dummies” but I am thrilled with the images I produced.  The shot below is Sam Bradford, the NFL’s number 1 draft pick.  Ill be adding some others to my website and portfolio.